Top 7 Cool Websites every dental nurse Should Know

In the world of dentistry, it’s all about smiling. Your patients need to be happy and feel comfortable when they visit you for their checkups and they want to come out with smiles as wide as yours by the end of it. In order to make them as comfortable as possible, there are a number of websites that every dental nurse should know about.

We’ve compiled a list of the top cool websites that dental nurses will find helpful!

Dental Assistant Life

This outstanding dental blog has tons of information for dental patients and professionals. The website contains engaging posts that dental nurses and doctors will love to read. The website has plenty of informative content for dental assistants, and their most popular posts are types of dental assistants and how to become an expanded-functions assistant.

Dental assistants and patients alike will find this book to be a must read before their next appointment. The websites contain everything from the intricate lifestyle, thought processes, and emotions of those who work in dental office spaces.


This website features mountains of valuable information for all dentists and dental nurses. We love the blog section of the website.

The site features content written by many famous bloggers who focus on dental care and other aspects of dentistry. On the website, you will find content from GDC, Tony Jacobs (founder of the website), and Simon Thackeray.

Besides, it also has a dedicated forum that dental nurses will find extremely handy. The forum has various resources and general updates about the latest news and happenings in the dental world.

Colin Campbell

Colin Campbell updates the website, especially blogs, regularly. Besides, the website’s content is always concise and features easy to read topics. The website cover variety of dental topics from upcoming events, his experience of the dental practice, his life as a dentist, and the importance of dental care. You will be surprised by the amount of dental-related activities on this website!

Inspired Hygiene

This website’s audience mainly includes dental practices, professionals, and dental nurses. The site contains useful information about running a successful dental practice to upcoming events, to videos that inform or exhibit provider-patient interactions.

In simple words, Inspired Hygiene is the coolest website for dental professionals that offers relevant content that they will find helpful.

The website also features dental business-related posts covering topics like how to expand your dental practice, building value in hygiene visits, and more. These business-related are engaging and nicely mixed with personal messages.

T-Bone Speaks

Tarun Agarwal, aka T-Bone, shares his precious knowledge and expertise on T-Bone Speaks with readers. This blog is Tarun’s ambition, as he strives for dentists who want more than just one or two patient relationships but rather the stability that comes from establishing themselves within their community.

The website contains posts about dental assistants, clinical setups, dental students, dental care, and procedures, and there are always new tips coming up.

Off the Cusp

The website was developed in 2011 by Patterson Dental. The website keeps dentists updated about cutting-edge innovations across the industry. The website’s blog section addresses every aspect from dental equipment, hardships of dental nurses, and human resources. Besides, the site also has handy tips for dental assistants and nurses presented in an engaging way.

The Dental Geek

The dental geek is one of the coolest websites that every dental nurse should follow. The website covers every aspect of the dental world. Dental nurses will love their blog section specially designed for dental professionals. The website explores unique, insightful, and a few controversial dental topics conceptually. Besides, dental nurses and professionals can also write on the website.

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