The Varied Role of a Hospital Dental Nurse

Dental nurses hold such varied roles and their skills are always in high demand across a number of different areas. Aside from private practice, hospitals also require the expertise of nursing staff and there are a number of elements that set the roles apart. For nurses looking for their next challenge, hospital nursing might be the right option as it provides a greater breadth of training and specialisms as well as an opportunity to meet many more professionals and people. In private practice, it is not uncommon to spend most of your working career with a select few dentists and fellow nurses. In hospitals, it’s quite possible that no two days will be the same as you work with a much larger team on a wider range of different procedures across multiple surgeries.

Multiple Training Opportunities

Given how diverse hospital work is, there will be plenty of opportunities to upskill and diversify your skillset. For patients requiring more invasive procedures, they will most likely be referred to a hospital for treatment. It is there that you’ll witness more intricate surgeries and procedures. You’ll also have the opportunity to use specialist equipment and gain a greater understanding of how oral health is connected to a wide range of non-oral diseases.

New Challenges

Hospital work will often find you working with complex cases often linked to multiple conditions. For example, you may find yourself helping a patient with oral cancer who requires important dental care. By working in a hospital, you also may be required to deal with sensitive cases and having to break bad news. It can be quite a challenging environment to work in and one that you must be prepared for. You may also have to deal with highly distressed patients and their families who have experienced a lot of sadness. You’ll be an integral member of NHS staff and therefore required to go above and beyond to support your patients.

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You’re much more likely to encounter unique cases by working in a hospital setting. Since you’ll also be dealing with emergency and trauma patients, the role requires a lot of energy and resilience to keep up with the demands of the job. It’s certainly a viable option for nurses looking for their next challenge. Given how big hospitals are, it’s also an opportunity to work with and meet many different people.

Branching Out

Since they’re already based within a busy hospital, dental nurses have the opportunity to branch out and try other areas such as oral and maxillofacial surgery. Dental nurses based in hospitals are often presented with more opportunities than nurses in private practice. If you’re interested in related roles outside of dental nursing, it’s definitely worth considering. Hospital roles can be few and far between when you compare what’s on offer in private practice but that doesn’t mean one shouldn’t persevere in finding hospital employment. Like any dream job, it’s worth the effort if it means being placed in a hospital of your choice. Being a dental nurse can have it’s own challenges but if you’re prepared to step in and push your own boundaries, you can guarantee that you’ll find satisfying work within hospital practice.

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