The Perfect Smile: How Dental Implants are Growing in Popularity

Americans are often quick to associate the British with a bad smile, after all, characters like Austin Powers are a perfect example of that stereotype. However, it couldn’t be further from the truth. The NHS provides free and subsidised dental care and british dental health is some of the best in europe. Brits who are actually looking to improve their smile will consider fixing crooked teeth with either braces or veneers. For toothless grins, dental implants can be either a temporary or permanent solution. The tooth itself is attached to a titanium screw which is then inserted directed into the jawbone. The new tooth will be a perfect match in colour and shape to existing teeth meaning that the patient can reclaim their confidence and return their smile back to how it was before tooth loss.

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Better Health

Having open wounds where teeth once sat provide an opportunity for bacteria to grow and wounds to fester. Dental implants can actually plug that gap and prevent infection from happening. The jawbone that houses these new implants also benefits as the implant stimulates artificial roots and triggers the bone to rebuild and maintain itself. This would not otherwise occur without the tooth making implants the preferred choice for missing teeth.


Celebrities are a huge fan but their gleaming white smiles are rarely a natural occurrence. Not only does a brand new smile look great, but having one can make you feel younger and more confident. Nowadays, implants can be incredibly natural looking, so much so that it would be difficult to differentiate between teeth that are real and those that are not. A perfect smile can boost confidence and encourage people to be more proactive in all areas of their life. The impact a smile can have can be huge. How you perceive yourself can change when you have a great smile. Patients will quickly see these drastic changes as they no longer feel the need to hold back when smiling, laughing or even eating.

Quality of life

Not only does it build confidence, but following these procedures, eating will no longer be an uncomfortable experience for your patients. Implants preserve the jawbone which makes chewing and eating unproblematic. Dental implants also behave like real teeth and can transform bone structure and even how one speaks. They feel and look natural and replace the need for dentures therefore boosting confidence in those who have them. 

Growing market

The global implant market is booming in popularity. It’s expected that restorative dentistry will be worth more than £19 billion by 2025 with Europe expected to be the leading market globally. This popularity can be attributed to the growing recognition that dental implants are the best solution for tooth loss and, as a result, dentists must keep up with the latest technology and embrace this growth in restorative procedures. That’s why it’s important for dental teams to be educated and up to date with the latest skills. By having a prepared workforce, it means that your practice can keep up with the growing demand for implants and benefit the success that comes with such a rapidly growing market.

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