Pursuing a Career in Dental Nursing Later in Life: Why Age is Just a Number

You’re only as young as you feel or so the saying goes. Considering a new career later in life can be terrifying but age should never be a barrier to pursuing your goals. Whether you chose family life instead of college or lacked the confidence to pursue your dreams when you were younger, there are many reasons why people choose to study later in life. The truth is, that life isn’t linear and it’s ok to do things differently.

It’s important to remember that no employer can ever discriminate on the basis of age. Mature students bring a lot of valued life experience and skill to the workplace and employers value their maturity and outlook. No one should be put off embarking on a new career because of their age and dentistry is most definitely one worth pursuing at any age.

Job Security

As a dental nurse, your skills will always be in demand. Although there are financial considerations to make when embarking on studies, the investments are most definitely worthwhile. If you have financial commitments such as a mortgage or caring responsibilities, the reasons not to go into education may seem bigger when you need to support someone else. However, even at 40, you still have almost 30 years left of your working career and an opportunity to make a living in something you’re truly passionate about.

If you need that extra support, There is support out there for students who have a real need. Whether that be free childcare, extra grants and bursaries, don’t let finances stand in the way of pursuing your dream.

New Perspective

For many, a job is a means to an end. An opportunity to pay the bills so that one can go on doing much of the same. If you’re no longer feeling fulfilled in your career, you shouldn’t be required to stick it out. Everyone should have the freedom to make a better future for themselves. No career is off limits because of age. If you love helping people, have a thirst for knowledge and want a career that offers unlimited development, then dental nursing might be the one for you. There are many ways to start this rewarding career and the path can be tailored to your needs.

Another Shot

Just because you’re of a certain age, doesn’t mean the chance has passed you by. Take the leap and do your research, look at what qualifications you’ll need and what institutions or practices offer these opportunities. Past failures are irrelevant, don’t let yesterday dictate tomorrow. You deserve another shot at a fulfilling career.


Being older places you at an advantage to your younger colleagues. For one, you’ll gain more respect from clients who will feel reassured by your age and maturity. It’s important to remember, however, that you too are still learning so remember that your trainers and teachers do know best. Have respect for your colleagues and their knowledge and experience. You may have more experience in other areas but you are not a dental nurse yet and your colleagues will have a breadth of valuable knowledge that you should respect and aim to tap into.

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