Online Courses for Dental Nurses in 2021

If you’re interested in becoming a dental nurse, or wish to formalise your training as an unqualified dental nurse then you are required by law to be certified through the General Dental Council (GDC). For this you have to take GDC approved courses which are available through:

  • Local Colleges;
  • Universities;
  • Apprenticeship Schemes; and
  • Online Learning Providers

If you are studying while working, or have a busy family life, then online study may be the best option for you. You just need internet connectivity.

There are many people that prefer online study as it removes constraints like keeping to a timetable and arriving on time for class. You can study according to your schedule such that your education doesn’t get in the way of your other responsibilities. With technology improving rapidly, online/distance learning has become a prevailing mode of educational delivery.

Here are the top 5 online courses for dental nursing to help you become qualified. All of these courses are approved by the GDC.

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Apprenticeship in Dental Nursing by Tempdent

In Tempdent Recruitment & Training was established in 1996 and is one of the top agencies and training providers in the UK. They are a professional dental company that understands the needs of the dental profession and has a dedicated team of experienced recruitment consultants and trainers. They have also earned the Matrix Standard for providing excellent informational counselling and guidance to students and employers.

Their apprenticeship in Dental Nursing certified by City and Guilds Awarding Body, is a 15-18 months government-funded course. This course is part of their blended-based learning programme that offers students the chance to complete their course via their e-learning portfolio. Intake for this course starts every January, April, July and October making this online course the top contender on our list.

The 3 main components in this course are:

  • Diploma in Dental Nursing Level 3
  • Functional Skills English & Maths Level 2 qualifications
  • End Point Assessment – consisting of external observation and interview

Applicants must be employed as a dental nurse before enrolling on this course. If you are not currently employed as a dental nurse, you can visit their Apprenticeship Jobs section where they upload new vacancies to their site daily.

The enrolment process of this course is:

  1. Completing an online application form
  2. Submitting evidence of passport and previous qualifications
  3. Undertaking a basic maths and English assessment

Once you have completed your enrolment process, you will be contacted by one of their administrators to confirm your acceptance to the next course intake.

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Applicants that are ineligible for government funding, the fee is £4,500 plus VAT. You are also required to pay a minimum deposit of £800 at your enrolment, to secure your place.

This course is suitable for unqualified Dental Nurses already working in a Dental Practice, experienced but unregistered Dental Nurses who wish to obtain a Dental Nursing Qualification and want to join General Dental Council (GDC) to register as a Dental Professional. You can also take this course if you are interested in becoming a Dental Nurse and working in the field of Dentistry.

For more information, visit their site.

CACHE Level 3 Diploma: The Principles and Practices of Dental Nursing by the Dental Nursing Academy

The Dental Nursing Academy is a training centre for dental nurses registered with NEBDN and they provide their training alongside the National Dental Nurse Examination Board. Their mission statement is to “provide the best dental care courses.” Their dental nurse course was developed by dentists and teaching professionals who aimed to provide a better learning method to become a qualified dental nurse. As the training is online, it can be carried out anytime, anywhere, which is convenient for you to learn. It can be done on any modern device (PC or Mac, tablet or laptop, iPhone or other smart mobile device) with a broadband Internet connection.

This course lasts for 12-months and is a perfect foundation for furthering an enjoyable and successful dental care career. Additionally, further training after this course could even help you become a specialist dental nurse or team leader.

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This course does require a work placement for its duration. Students can find their own placement or use the services of the Dental Nursing Academy recruitment team. Training in the workplace should ideally be 16 hours per week with the balance of learning completed online.

Regular clinical evaluations will take place during work placement and are supervised by qualified dental advisors. Further, for clinical assessments, two multiple choice exams must be completed and short assignments must be written throughout the course.

In line with the standard CACHE Diploma, every student is assigned a tutor or mentor both for encouragement and support and also to help them complete assessments. The course involves:

  • weekly/ fortnightly webinars for theory knowledge
  • weekly/fortnightly webinars for Assignment support
  • 3 monthly visits in Dental surgery to carry their Direct observations 3 monthly progression performance reviews
  • 24/7 access to Online course contents
  • 24/7 access to Electric Portfolio to complete assignments
  • Separate Revision Classes to support final Exams

To aid in the payment of the course students are given flexibility. They have created 4 options on their Zoom Webinar Learning for you to decide on the options that suit you best.

  • Option 1: Full payment of £1,850
  • Option 2: Deposit of £450 and then 3 instalments of £500 each month (Total cost £1,950)
  • Option 3: Deposit £450 and then 4 instalments of £400 each month (Total cost £2,050)
  • Option 4: Deposit £525 and then 5 instalments of £325 each month (Total cost £2,150)

Ideally this course is suitable for those who have limited time to physically attend class or where classroom study is inconvenient, making them perfect for those who have a family or other obligations but still wish to obtain the qualifications to enhance their dental care career.

For more information, visit their site.

3. NEBDN National Level 3 Diploma in Dental Nursing from LearnDirect

LearnDirect was launched in 2000 and is now one of the UK’s leading distance learning providers. Their mission is to change the skills and productivity of the workforce. With the help of  technology they work towards bringing people together to work, share, and learn online.

Their dental nursing course is delivered through a combination of online learning and practical placement. You can start this course online right after enrolment. You are even provided with a dedicated distance learning tutor to assist you throughout your studies. The tutor will help you by answering your questions, providing clarification and marking your assignments. Your assignments will also be returned to you with detailed feedback so that you can improve yourself throughout your qualification.

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During this course you will need access to a dental practice and clinical surgery hours as you will be required to complete a record of your experience. This is a fundamental part of your studies as it is important to ensure you achieve the standards required. The institution will even help you identify suitable placement opportunities in your area.

To gain their diploma learners have to complete all 3 elements:

  • Witnesses in your practice providing e-portfolio evidence of your in-practice experience
  • A practical exam
  • A written exam

The course fee is £3,414 for full payment. You can also choose to pay in monthly instalments.

After completing the required modules, you will continue to work in your placements to put what you have learned into practice. Upon completion of all the assessment you will be eligible to become a dental nurse.

For more information, visit their site.

4.Diploma in Dental Nursing Online by School of Dental Nursing

The mission of the School of Dental Nursing is to create opportunities for those who wish to make a valuable contribution to the health and well-being of dental patients. They provide a bridge between future dental nurses and other dental professionals and dental clinics by delivering standard, flexible and effective courses for future dental professionals.

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This Diploma course is combined with video lessons supported by a personal tutor and work experience in a dental practice. The course is about 12-18 months long, depending on your pace.

Online learning with the School of Dental Nursing is considered highly flexible as it allows you to learn at your own pace, with only the examinations set at fixed dates. This means you can study completely at your own pace, fitting their course curriculum around you and your schedule.

You will be provided with a full course learning materials through their Virtual Learning Environment (VLE)-eTrain as soon as you enroll. The package includes learning materials, notes, and mock tests sample.

Since work experience is an essential part of this course, the school will assist students that are not already part of a Dental Practice in finding employment. It is important to note that during your study, your tutor may visit you at your practice to provide support and advice.

To complete this course, students have to pass the NEBDN written examination consisting of multiple-choice questions (MCQs), extended matching questions (EMQs) as well as a practical examination that consists of a series of objective structured clinical examinations (OSCEs).

The fee for this course is £1,490. Since this course requires paid employment, the course fees can be paid from the salary you receive while you are learning with an instalment plan to spread the cost.

This course is suitable for students who are over 18 years old who want to be qualified as a dental nurse or who are already working in a dental clinic and want to become a certified dental nurse.

For more information, visit their site.

5.Online Diploma in Dental Nursing by Dental Team Education Centre

Dental Team Education Centre is one of the UK’s largest and most successful dental training institutions, and their employees are leading dental educators. They provide training not only to those who want to become dental nurses but also for all dental professionals in specific fields in London.

This course is designed to prepare students for their NEBDN Diploma in Dental Nursing as well their registration with the General Dental Council (GDC). Students who are enrolled on the course will mainly be learning within their workplace. They are required to attend the Dental Team Education Centre for only three face to face sessions.

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The majority of the course is taught online through their Virtual Learning Environment (VLE), with a maximum of 20 students per course. Their online training includes:

  • Learning materials
  • Exam-style modular assessments
  • Continual tutor support
  • Support for workplace mentors.
  • Mock Exams 1 & 2

To enrol on this course students must already be employed as a Dental Nurse and have a workplace mentor with GDC Registration. Your workplace mentor must also attend the orientation session with you and must be available to help as well as assist you throughout the course and will need to coordinate with your assigned tutor.

The following are assessment methods for this course:

  • NEBDN Record of Experience (ROE) to document your clinical competence
  • NEBDN Written Examination
  • NEBDN Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE)

The fee for this course is £1,850.

For more information, visit their site.

Choosing the right course to start your journey towards Dental Nurse qualification is very important as it will set your path in the dental career, so we hope this article and our list will help you in choosing a suitable online dental nursing course.

If you think any courses have been missed from this list that should be included, please let us know in the comments.

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