Life-Work Balance; A dilemma for Denta Nurses

The whole idea of work-life balance is a complex ideology to many. A lot of dental nurses are usually worked long hours hence torn between delivering service and equally fulfilling their personal/family lives. The role of a dental nurse is an important one in a dental office, as well as having a wholesome life.

According to Money/US News, dental assistants rank in the Top 25 Best Healthcare Support Jobs, but their work-life balance score is an eight out of 10, which exceeds most jobs. Why does the job score well for job satisfaction and work-life balance?  Jobs with low-stress levels, strong upward mobility, and good flexibility tends to make employees the happiest, thus scoring well in work-life balance. However, the real practice often makes dental work-life balance and manageable stress levels less attainable than what the report implies.

While the stress level for dental assistants is average (i.e., not as low as some jobs), opportunities for advancement are high and they have above-average scheduling flexibility. Because many dental nurses are able to choose between working part-time or full-time. They have the welcome flexibility to balance personal and career objectives.

An informal poll of working dental assistants asked what they needed most. The most common answer was family time – to allow them to rejuvenate and keep up good energy. The key to being able to accomplish this is to “be wherever you are.” When you’re at work, stay focused on your job and your patients but, when at home, forget about work and train your focus on your family.

Simply put, always take some time for yourself. And, with the opportunity to work part-time, as needed, “me time” comes a bit easier. There is no complete decision to achieve a perfect work balance, however, trying some of the things mentioned here could be of help.

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