Expand your dental nurse career in 6 months

Feel like you can do more with your career as dental nurse? Interested in what other opportunities are out there for you? This blog post will give you some ideas on ways to expand your career as a dental nurse so that it’s satisfying both professionally and personally.

Best Trainings and Certifications Available for Dental Nurses:

One of the best things about a career in dental nursing is that it can open up doors for you to explore new areas and skills. Once qualified, there will always be more training opportunities available for you to become further qualified.

Having one or more of these further certifications will be beneficial for you in many ways. These qualifications will allow you to take on some responsibilities of the dentist and hygienist:

Certificate in Dental Radiography

The Certificate in Dental Radiography is the best way to expand your dental nurse career in six months only. The certification is available to registered and qualified Dental Nurses. The Dental Radiography Certification allows you to take patients’ radiographs under the monitoring of the Dentist.

Furthermore, to some extent, we can say that radiography skills are necessary for all dental nurses, especially for orthodontic dental nurses, dental implant nurses, oral surgery dental nurses, and periodontal dental nurses.

If you’re planning on getting into any of these areas, it’s worth investing six months of your precious time learning these skills and updating your CV with these certifications.

Above all, completing the radiography course is one of the highly valued skills. After completing the course, you will see growth in your overall confidence, and new career opportunities will be waiting for you.

Certification in Oral Health Education

The NEBDN Certificate in Oral Health Education allows you to offer patients a more personal and engaging experience with their dental care. After completing the course, you can confidently provide oral health messages to patients in practice or hospital settings.

Certification in Orthodontic Nursing

The NEBDN Certificate in Orthodontic Nursing is perfect for those working with orthopedists and are qualified dental nurses. Besides, this certification also focuses on the medico-legal aspects of dental processes and the prominence of adequate communication between the dental representatives and patients.

If you’re doing this type of clinical practice and want to pursue a career in orthodontics, then don’t miss out on the opportunity, as it can help in expanding your dental nurse career in six months.

Certification in Dental Sedation Nursing

The NEBDN Certificate in Dental Sedation Nursing is an ideal career expanding option for qualified dental nurses assisting in surgery during conscious sedation. To complete the course, you will have to work in a dental practice that performs routine sedation. The certificate is useful for dental nurses who want to work in hospitals and practices which use sedation regularly.

Certification in Special Care Nursing                  

The NEBDN Certificate in Special Care Dental Nursing is suitable for dedicated dental nurses who like to care, support, and protect individuals’ oral health. This course offers dental nurses an opportunity to develop their skills further by learning how they can deliver more personalized services to patients with additional needs.

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