Dental Marketing Trends: Looking at 2021 and Beyond

In 2020, businesses were forced to shut their doors in an attempt to stem the spread of infection. In order to adapt to the new restrictions, there was a push for everyone to migrate their services online. This change meant that dental practices had to reach out to patients in other ways to make sure they kept a healthy client base when they could no longer see them in person. Increased digital marketing became a thing of necessity, practices were encouraged to reach out and provide their services in other ways. We look at the ways in which staff can help boost the popularity of their practice and grow their client lists. 

Utilising video

Restrictions meant non-urgent appointments could not go ahead without very good reason. The waiting lists began to stack up and left thousands across the country worrying about when and if they’d ever get help. One man even resorted to pulling out his own tooth at home because he couldn’t get an appointment. So what did this change mean for dental staff? Fewer paying clients and less money of course which inevitably led to furlough and redundancies. 

Some practices offered virtual consultations, which helped work through the already large waiting lists built up from closures during the pandemic. For those able, dental staff can call their patients directly, look at teeth and even provide advice and write prescriptions.

Video has been a godsend in many ways during the pandemic. Not only has it given staff a chance to communicate while stuck at home, but practices hoping to promote their online services can also use video as a means to boost their marketing power. Using video to promote the practice online gave clients an idea of what the practice is like before they plan a visit. 

Having a social media presence also helps and promoting practice videos online gives patients a chance to see what it would be like to attend post-pandemic. It’s also a chance to meet the staff and see the facilities without having to leave the comfort of their own home. For practices aiming to boost their digital game, they can hold live-streams and open Q&A sessions to address patient concerns and questions. The aim of video is to build that connection with patients and maintain relationships despite the current situation.

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Recruitment drive

If you dedicate time to building a great reputation online, positive reviews can boost your business. Not only will you entice new customers but you’ll also attract talent. Advertise your practice to a wide audience and show people why they should work with you. Pre-pandemic, socialising at industry events provided a platform for businesses to find the best talent. Now that we’re cooped up indoors, dental practices need to find new ways to bring in new staff.

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Public Health Messaging

Not only should your marketing technique boost business, but it should attempt to inform and educate patients, afterall, preventative measures are the best kind of dental treatment. Use online platforms to share your knowledge and show your clients what advice you can offer. Provide an easily accessible channel for clients to get in touch (think Facebook messenger or WhatsApp). People are more likely to seek help if there isn’t too much effort required to reach out.

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