Behaviors You Developed as a Nurse

1. The overpowering desire to pop or puncture anything suspicious on someone’s body.

Curiosity is the lust of the mind. It can also be the reason why nurses seemed to have a sick fetish in anything suspicious or atypical in the human anatomy, may it be yours or others.

Is this some kind of a bizarre obsession that we all have in common? When we see a bulging lesion, a pustule, or most especially a protruding vein to hit upon, the desire and unknown euphoria it gives in popping or puncturing it are quite strong. And when we try to ignore it, the struggle is real.

2. X-ray-like ability to perceive organisms wriggling on the skin

This extraterrestrial ability to see the minute organisms in your hands after handling a gross procedure is undeniably another power you gained being a nurse. The effect? Frequent hand washing. Nursing made you feel incomplete whenever you fail to wash your hands numerous times during the shift.

3. You behave like an owl even on your day off.

If you’re scheduled on a night shift throughout the week, your day off will not make a difference. It still feels like you’re on duty, minus the patients. Isn’t it frustrating why you’re not sleepy when you should be?

4. The unstoppable condemnations on TV shows showing unrealistic nursing procedures.

It’s your day off and you decided to watch a medical drama. Then all of a sudden, your eyes keep noticing that the doctor did not do the CPR right or the IV line regulator of a critical patient is closed. Well, you can’t help it, you can’t let a wrong procedure be taught on-screen. Nurses know best (wink).

5. You are immune to the ‘gross’ things in life.

You can normally eat and sleep even after handling sticky, smelly, and nasty bodily fluids. Maybe because you just totally wiped out your gag reflex? Try to test it once in a while; maybe it was placed somewhere else.

6. Extremely fast chewing and digestion.

Oh! need I say more? If there’s a contest where one should masticate and digest its food the fastest, you can’t belittle a nurse! To be able to attend to an emergency case, we developed this amazing talent of eating on the go!

Obtained from Nurses labs
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