TheDentalNurse was conceived in early 2021 after a tough year dealing with Covid-19. The idea was create a website where dental nurses could swap advice not just about the profession, but all the other stuff dental nurses talk about. We deserve the break.

We are passionate about dentistry, and more importantly the people that work within it. It’s not an easy career, but it’s one that we chose to do with ethics, morality, and a desire to help people. We translate those values into how we want this site to run.

Our aim is to:

  • Foster a dental nurse community, pooling knowledge, advice and support.
  • Be a place for news and updates relevant to the community.
  • Create a space for conversation to flow, with a mind not to over-moderate. TheDentalNurse is a site for professionals.

While our origins lay in a news and forum site, we have plans to bring much more to you, including reviews of products we all use, deals and partnerships, information about training and much more. If there is anything you feel is missing from the site that you feel would benefit dental nurses then please reach out to us here.

We’re also looking for volunteer moderators to help us keep the forums running. So if you’re interested please do let us know.